Keystone has one of the largest M&A databases containing thousands of private equity firms, family offices, strategic buyers, high net worth individuals, lenders and other M&A professionals

Our Emphasis;
“Maintaining strict confidentiality”

Our business transaction CPA is a nationally recognized expert for structuring complex M&A transactions

Our Commitment;
“Maximizing the transaction value for our clients”

Keystone’s M&A process is designed to sell your business to the buyer of your choice on the highest price and terms attainable in the marketplace

Our Guiding Principle;
“Maintaining integrity throughout the M&A process”

Keystone conducts extensive pro-active market research to uncover the best strategic buyers

The Keystone Difference;
“Experienced team, Extensive resources, Exceptional results”

Keystone prepares a detailed Confidential Information Memorandum to highlight your business in the best possible manner

The business is often a business owner’s most valuable asset, with Keystone’s experience you are assured the entire process is handled professionally from start to finish

Let Keystone carry the transaction burden so you remain focused on running the business

Keystone provides their clients with vast resources

Keystone has the experience to navigate the obstacles in selling your business

Keystone can prevent unexpected twists and turns from derailing your deal

Our Services

Leading a company is challenging. Managing current operations takes time and energy. But savvy business owners also look for outside opportunities at every stage in the life of a business. Options to consider include; growth through an acquisition, divestiture of a division, or selling a business as part of an exit strategy. Keystone Partners provides the resources, tools and services to help business leaders evaluate, and successfully conclude strategies to build and exit a business. We will help you identify issues, consequences, obstacles and opportunities as you prepare to acquire, merge or sell a business.

Please consider how best to take advantage of Keystone services. Consider the high level descriptions below. Or call us to explore in more detail. We look forward to working with you and supporting your business interests.


Business Sales

The sale of a closely held business is always a critical event for a business owner. The decision to sell can be complex. Personal, family, business, and life style issues all need to be carefully considered.

It is not always easy for the business owner to decide whether a sale is the correct course of action. The sale of a company calls for owners and executives to manage not only current operations (usually full time jobs) but also deal with the preparation and negotiations as well as the implications of a new environment after a change of control. Keystone can help you navigate these considerations and provide guidance through what otherwise is a complex and often emotional transition.


Mergers and Acquisitions

Buying, acquiring, or merging business entities can strongly accelerate business growth and increase value. In every acquisition we expect a stronger company, more growth opportunities and a more resilient entity. Keystone Partners is experienced in the complexities of the acquisition processes, including the organizational elements needed for successful operations post transaction.

Keystone maintains updated databases of US and international companies and ownership entities with resources to enhance the interests of our clients.



There are many reasons to consider the divestiture of a business. Divisions of a company may have developed a market presence that can best be leveraged by being a separate entity. Or they may benefit from alignment with other, more synergistic entities. A division may represent value that can better be used for other strategies. Regardless of the reasons for a divestiture, we have the expertise and experience to explore options that serve your needs and enable the development of your business plans.



Performing a valuation on a business can be crucial to many business transactions. They can provide realistic assessment of current value, but also identify areas that might be enhanced to increase value.

In mergers and acquisitions, the assessed value of a target business strongly influences transaction prices, and the transaction prices strongly correlate with the on-going contribution to the overall business’ performance and shareholder value.

A valuation can help establish expectations for divestitures. The best strategies can be undermined by unrealistic assessments of value in a divestiture. But clear knowledge of value enhances not only the chances of a successful engagement; it also assists key participants in negotiating favorable transaction agreements.

Valuations also are a critical component of a business owner’s personal financial and estate planning efforts. Without a reliable assessment of the value of a business, the assumptions and strategies used in planning for the future may not be accurate.

For highly complex valuations or for valuations where IRS scrutiny or litigation may be involved, Keystone Partners can provide specialized services, including those from an independent third party valuation firm.