Keystone has one of the largest M&A databases containing thousands of private equity firms, family offices, strategic buyers, high net worth individuals, lenders and other M&A professionals

Our Emphasis;
“Maintaining strict confidentiality”

Our business transaction CPA is a nationally recognized expert for structuring complex M&A transactions

Our Commitment;
“Maximizing the transaction value for our clients”

Keystone’s M&A process is designed to sell your business to the buyer of your choice on the highest price and terms attainable in the marketplace

Our Guiding Principle;
“Maintaining integrity throughout the M&A process”

Keystone conducts extensive pro-active market research to uncover the best strategic buyers

The Keystone Difference;
“Experienced team, Extensive resources, Exceptional results”

Keystone prepares a detailed Confidential Information Memorandum to highlight your business in the best possible manner

The business is often a business owner’s most valuable asset, with Keystone’s experience you are assured the entire process is handled professionally from start to finish

Let Keystone carry the transaction burden so you remain focused on running the business

Keystone provides their clients with vast resources

Keystone has the experience to navigate the obstacles in selling your business

Keystone can prevent unexpected twists and turns from derailing your deal

Mission Statement

Selling your company is one of the most important financial transactions of your life. Without professional representation you will be negotiating a substantial part of your personal net worth with experienced buyers who often purchase several businesses every year. You face demanding and complex procedures, legal documents, and negotiations with numerous pitfalls. Our experience and professional representation ensures you don’t face these challenges alone.

Keystone Partners, LLC has developed THE KEYSTONE METHOD, a proven program designed to sell your business for maximum value in the shortest practical time. It is a focused, results oriented approach with several check points along the way to facilitate any necessary sudden adjustments and to ensure the successful completion of the sale of your company.

From determining the real value of your company to finding qualified buyers worldwide. From maximizing profits in the buyers' eyes to structuring the most profitable deal for our client by negotiating for optimum cash, terms, and deal structure in the transaction.

The Keystone Method

Three Objectives:

  • Give small and mid-sized businesses like yours the highest quality mergers and acquisitions services available.

  • Recognize and be sensitive to your personal needs.

  • Sell your business for a premium price - maximum value!